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ODR at eBay - SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FRIDAY 4/8/05 ! - You’re invited to an online presentation on ODR at eBay, hosted by Colin Rule, eBay’s Director of Online Dispute Resolution.  In this presentation you’ll hear about:

  • eBay’s new Resolution Center
  • the Disputes Console, now integrated into My eBay
  • Direct Negotiation ODR processes (Unpaid Items, Items Not Received)
  • Third party ODR processes (Independent Feedback Review)
    April 8, 2005
    7:00 PM (GMT-7:00) Pacific
    1 hr
    To attend this meeting, simply click here:

    No software download is required. However, this meeting does require Macromedia Flash 6.0 or above.
    Flash version check
    Install Flash
    ASAP Help

    This real-time, synchronous presentation will be presented using Convoq ASAP. Complete information about Convoq and ASAP can be found at - Throughout the week of 4/4/05 Cyberweek participants will be able to explore the ConflictLab environment and observe an ongoing simulation with ODR students via the Cyberweek Console (login at:

  • Conflict Lab hosts simulations in which groups of players on opposite sides of challenging conflicts engage each other in a structured negotiation process.
  • Through experience and coaching players learn negotiation, communication, leadership, team building, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills.
  • Open ended simulations are the best way to experience the power of principled negotiation and develop the skills of effective negotiators.
  • Through the Cyberweek Console participants will be given access so that they will be able to explore the ConflictLab environment, ask questions, and observe ODR students "playing" the Elysian simulation. - SmartSettle is inviting all those attending Cyberweek this year to participate in the Spring 2005 competition held by the International eNegotiation Tournament. The theme this year is Insurance Claim Settlements.

  • The competition is designed to demonstrate how early intervention can virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that often accompanies insurance claim settlements.
  • We have designed a short training course especially for this event. Most new users can complete the training in fewer than four hours. After successfully finishing the SmartSettle training you may compete in the tournament.
  • You have three weeks to come to an agreement with an unknown opponent. Most players come to an agreement after spending fewer than four hours negotiating online over a period of a few days.

Three easy steps to get started:

  1. Make sure to Register at Cyberweek 2005
  2. Register in the Spring 2005 Competition before April 9 : Everyone is welcome in the Open Division. There is no charge for SmartSettle users registered at Cyberweek 2005. Simply enter your sponsor code as "Cyberweek".
  3. Start your training.


Moodle at - Real-Time teleconference for online teaching and learning -at 20.00 GMT 4/4/05 (sign-up: Throughout the week of 4/4/05 Cyberweek participants will be able to explore the platform (goto:

  • Free* teleconference at 20.00 GMT on Monday, April 4
  • Topic: online teaching and learning using a free, open source program to create a web site for the management and delivery of content in a collaborative environment over the web or how to provide online conferences and courses on a shoe string
  • The one-hour teleconference and the demonstration of the Moodle open source learning management system is presented as part of the seventh annual Online Dispute Resolution Cyberweek, April 4th through 8th, sponsored by the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts.
  • The center piece of the teleconference will be open source program which incorporates a wide range of tools to design and control the user interface, manage registration, deliver textual and multimedia content and encourage the interaction of the participants with the content, among themselves and with instructors. The demonstration of Moodle at includes access as a teacher/course designer enabling you to take a test drive of the various features and tools that Moodle has for designing and organizing courses.
  • The panel for the one-hour teleconference--professors, instructors, dispute resolution professionals and other experts on online teaching and learning--will discuss the use of these online learning tools from the perspective of the participant, the instructor, the course developer and the site administrator. The panelists will also discuss unbundling Moodle: the use of Moodle tools to enhance traditional, face-to-face and teleconference educational programs as well as their use in mediation, law and other professional practice. Please sign up via to reserve a place for yourself. The sign-up page will also have additional details about the teleconference, downloading the slides and the availability of an audio recording of the teleconference for listening over the internet. - Real time Breeze conference "ODR sans PC said the mobile to the radio" at 02.00 GMT 4/7/05 with Sanjana Hattotuwa, Content and Strategic Engagement Consultant of Info-Share. Please email: to sign up and receive log-in instructions.

  • Recognizing that effective communication and collaboration is a cornerstone in any peace process, Info Share aims to create secure, accessible and pervasive online information sharing networks that contain relevant, updated information from trusted sources to help all stakeholders work collaboratively to create holistic, sustainable and innovative peacebuilding processes. By providing mechanisms and ICT based applications for public and private/confidential and secure shared working spaces, Info Share hopes to enhance the capacity of people and organizations to work collectively on conflict and peacebuilding (regional, national, local or sectoral). Info Share allows stakeholders to develop and implement best practices and appropriate peacebuilding and transformation initiatives - including traditional, culturally specific methods - drawn from resources local and international.
  • Real-time conference will foster discussion on ways in which we can really develop ODR systems that fit into the dynamics of countries which will never see a high PC penetration.   A rather unhealthy, uninspiring and myopic tendency to link ODR with PC's prevents us from visioning truly innovative solutions that build on the assets in the Global South using technologies that are far more prevalent than PC - radio and mobile phones.)
  • Info-Share aims to create secure, accessible and pervasive online information sharing networks that contain relevant, updated information from trusted sources to help all stakeholders work collaboratively to create holistic, sustainable and innovative peacebuilding processes.
  • The following materials will be avialable for Cyberweek participants throughout the week: Overview of technology and tsunami relief efforts; Overview of Info Share, Info Share's virtual One-Text process; Windows Media Video on One Text platform -with a 'live' demonstration of the technology - Throughout the week of 4/4/05 Cyberweek participants will have access to, and be able to advance, a live roleplay mediation on this ODR platform, operated by The Claim Ltd. - A unique, powerful and fully interactive 'team collaboration' application that provides a series of discussion areas in each dispute with varying control of user powers to access/read/write that emulate traditional meeting based mediation procedures.

  • Visitors can access the roleplay case under various guises and add messages to advance the mediation.To access, use any of the following usernames. In each case the password is 'cyberweek':- 'cwclaimant', 'cwrespondent', 'cwclaimantlawyer'. 'cwrespondentlawyer', 'cwmediator'.
  • Confidential communications areas for text-based negotiations/discussions with powers of access, of reading and of writing, controlled individually by class of user.
  • Enables teams to be brought together 'ad hoc' to collaborate online within a controlled and confidential structure.
  • Current configurations provide:
    • online negotiation
    • online mediation
    • online arbitration
    • online dispute resolution
    • online advice services
    • online business and professional office - Live Demos of ResolutionWorksOnline! with Stewart Levine 4/5/05 @ 13.00 GMT and 4/7/05 @ 13.00 GMT. Sign up at:

  • A comprehensive e-learning training program of collaboration, agreement and conflict resolution.
  • Register for the live demo and answer a few questions and be entered into our Cyberweek 2005 promotion. One random winner from Cyberweek 2005 registrants will receive an American Express gift card worth $50(US)


Cyberspace Policy Center for Asia Pacific ODR demonstration - The Center will make available a structured walk through of their ODR facilitites. Unveiled on 4/7/05.


UnChat at Wayne State University - Live Demonstration, April 7, 2005 at 2:00 PM EDT/18:00 GMT of Wayne State's local installation of the innovative meeting platform known as unchat

  • Unchat is built around the principles of strong democracy.
  • Webmasters and bloggers interested in discussing collaborative information sharing via RSS will need to go to: to get started, and they'll need to alert Professor Warters know that they want to join the chat in advance so he can set up their username which will be their first name and last name (so be sure to include it in your note!), and give them a password. They can send the request to prior to 1:00 PM EDT Thursday April 7 to join in. There is an email request link on the start page noted above as well. We have 40 seats available, so space should not be a problem.
  • The unChat topic will be "ADR Web/Blogmaster Weigh-in" For the curious, info on the unchat platform (which has been featured in past years at Cyberweek) can be found at:


NY Law School's Institute for Information Law and Policy (TBA)




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