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Discussions (ongoing throughout week of 4/4/05)


  • International Applications of ODR - moderated by Sanjana Hattotuwa (Content and Strategic Engagement Consultant for and Dave Larson (ICODR co-founder and Professor of Law and Hamline University Law School ).
  • International Online Dispute Resolution Competition (ICODR) - moderated by Ben Davis of the University of Toledo School of Law and Alan Gaitenby of the University of Massachusetts . In addition all current / past ICODR players / participants will be invited to help brainstorm about how to institutionalize and expand competitions.



  • Trust and ODR - Moderated by Colin Rule, head of dispute resolution at
  • Technology, Culture, and ODR - Moderated by Mohamed Wahab, Faculty of Law, University of Cairo and Arno Lodder, head of the IT Law section of the Computer/Law Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as well as the director of the Centre for Electronic Dispute Resolution (


  • RSS-based Information Sharing by Conflict Resolvers: Moving the Field Forward - moderated by Bill Warters, Director, Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs, Wayne State University.
  • Teaching ODR - Moderated by Dave Larson, Professor of Law, Hamline University Law School.
  • Distance Education Disputes - Moderated by Robert Whipple, Professor, California State University And Colin Rule of Whipple will present research on disputes arising from distance education. Rule will lead a discussion of Cyber-bullying.
  • Mediating Online - Moderated by Mark Eckstein, senior online mediator for


Activities (Simulations / Demonstrations / Other)

  • ODR at eBay - Cyberweek participants are invited to an online presentation on ODR at eBay, hosted by Colin Rule, eBay’s Director of Online Dispute Resolution.  Date: April 8, 2005. Time: 7:00 PM (GMT-7:00) Pacific, Duration: 1 hr. To attend this meeting, simply click here:
    Note: No software download is required. However, this meeting does require Macromedia Flash 6.0 or above (Flash version check, Install Flash, ASAP Help)
    This real-time, synchronous presentation will be presented using Convoq ASAP. Complete information about Convoq and ASAP can be found at:
  • - Throughout the week of 4/4/05 Cyberweek participants will have the opportunity to explore the ConflictLab environment and watch a simulation with ODR students.
  • - SmartSettle is inviting all those attending Cyberweek this year to participate in the Spring 2005 competition held by the International eNegotiation Tournament. The theme this year is Insurance Claim Settlements. The competition is designed to demonstrate how early intervention can virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that often accompanies insurance claim settlements.
  • Moodle at - Moodle is an open source learning management system. There will be a Real-time teleconference Monday 4/4/05 - 20.00 GMT; please sign-up here: There will be a hands-on demonstration of the Moodle online learning management system running throughout the week of 4/4/05.
  • - Info-Share aims to create secure, accessible and pervasive online information sharing networks that contain relevant, updated information from trusted sources to help all stakeholders work collaboratively to create holistic, sustainable and innovative peacebuilding processes. Real time Breeze conference, "ODR sans PC said the mobile to the radio" at 02.00 GMT 4/7/05 with Sanjana Hattotuwa, Content and Strategic Engagement Consultant of Info-Share. Please email: with subject, "Info-Share Demonstration" to sign up and receive log-in instructions.
  • - Throughout the week of 4/4/05 Cyberweek participants will have access to, and be able to advance, a live roleplay mediation on this ODR platform, operated by The Claim Ltd. - A unique, powerful and fully interactive 'team collaboration' application that provides a series of discussion areas in each dispute with varying control of user powers to access/read/write that emulate traditional meeting based mediation procedures. Visitors can access the roleplay case under various guises and add messages to advance the mediation. To access, use any of the following usernames. In each case the password is 'cyberweek':- 'cwclaimant', 'cwrespondent', 'cwclaimantlawyer'. 'cwrespondentlawyer', 'cwmediator'.
  • - ResolutionWorksOnline! is a comprehensive e-learning training and facilitation program of collaboration, agreement and conflict
    resolution. Live Demos of ResolutionWorksOnline! with Stewart Levine 4/5/05 @ 13.00 GMT and 4/7/05 @ 13.00 GMT. Register for the live demo ( and answer a few questions and be entered into our Cyberweek 2005 promotion. One random winner from Cyberweek 2005 registrants will receive an American Express gift card worth $50(US)
  • Cyberspace Policy Center for Asia Pacific - An ODR demonstration / structured walk through will be available after 4/6/05. All Cyberweek participants are invited to explore the platform.
  • UnChat at Wayne State University - Live Demonstration, April 7, 2005 at 2:00 EDT/18:00 GMT of Wayne State's local installation of the innovative meeting platform known as unchat. Webmasters and bloggers interested in discussing collaborative information sharing via RSS will need to go to: to get started, and they'll need to alert Professor Warters know that they want to join the chat in advance so he can set up their username which will be their first name and last name (so be sure to include it in your note!), and give them a password. They can send the request to
  • NY Law School's Institute for Information Law and Policy (TBA)


ODR Library / Database Project

  • The new ODR Library! (Unveiled on Tuesday 4/5/05) Thanks to Melissa Conley Tyler and the folks at the
    International Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Melbourne.


International Competition for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR) 2005


UN ODR Forum


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