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Asyncrhonous Events

  • eBay and NetNeutrals Podcast - eBay's Independent Feedback Review process is the subject of a discussion between Colin Rule, head of ODR at eBay, and Angelique DeMars-Fehr of / DeMars Associates. is an online dispute resolution program operated by DeMars & Associates, Ltd. Designed for eBay as a feedback review process, NetNeutrals offers its clients an innovative way to resolve customer and B2B disagreements. Please also visit the Independent Feedback Review page on eBay.
  • Pioneers of ODR Podcast, Colin Rule, head of ODR at eBay interviews John Helie, ODR pioneer and most recent recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution's Mary Parker Follet Award for his work with technological innovation in the field.
  • SmartSettle Test Drive, Ernie Thiessen, Founder of is inviting Cyberweek attendees to take SmartSettle for a test drive by competing against an unknown opponent in the International eNegotiation Tournament. Cyberweek attendees registering before Oct. 28 with the sponsor code CYBERWEEK will be admitted to the competition free of charge. The top performers will be recognized at the competition Top Standings page. Click HERE to start now.

  • demonstration, Jon Kennedy, Founder of presents an asynchronous Shockwave walk-through / demonstration of this collaborative platform. Groupmindexpress offers tools to virtual and other collaborative activities: holding meetings over the Net, gathering data and displaying results, brainstorming issues & prioritization, developing a set of criteria (that are perhaps conflicting) and applying these to a list of issues and view these results graphically and solicit interpretations of these in a discussion.

Discussions (some w/ associated presentations)

  • Will Web-enabled Document Automation Disrupt the Legal Profession? An On-Line and Off-Line Discussion
    Featuring Richard Granat and Marc Lauritsen, Co-chairs of the eLawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section and Daryl Mountain, a practitioner and consultant, who is also a member of the Task Force. The eLawyering Task Force of the Law Practice Management Section of the ABA is sponsoring a roundtable discussion on this topic at their Quarterly Meeting at the Loew's Hotel in Philadelphia, Saturday. October 22, 11 am to 1 pm. This on-line discussion is designed to complement and supplement that real-time, in-person discussion in Philadelphia. This on-line discussion will last for 30 days, from October 17. 2005 and end on November  17,  2005.
  • Ethics and Trust in a Networked Society
    Featuring Tamar Frankel, Professor of Law, Boston University and author of a new book, Trust and Honesty. America's Business Culture at a Crossroad (2005)
  • Africa Committee Forum
    Moderated by Ayo Kusamotu, Kusamotu & Kusamotu, Lagos State, Nigeria. Some specific sub-topics to be addressed: Internet Telephony, Creative Commons, Cyber Crime, E-Commerce, E-Voting, Online Dispute Resolution
  • Online Best Practices Committee
    Moderated by Hilary Rowen, Esq., chair of ABA TTIPS e-commerce committee and Jeff Aresty, President of the InternetBar Organization, with online interactive Best Practices table being developed by the Schidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology of the University of Washington Law School. Some specific sub-topics to be addressed: Email; Discussion forums, private “chat” or “deal” rooms, blogs; Client intake through interactive website; Document drafting through interactive website; Extranets; Virtual Libraries; Impediments to eLawyering.
  • Collaborative and cooperative law moderated by John Debruyn, an introduction of what is happening in the Collaborative Law movement not only to civilize the divorce process but to introduce the collaborative law concept to other areas of practice.  Initial discussion topics include commitment to non-adversarial resolution, shared elements of the collaborative and cooperative process, going international and online with collaboration and cooperation.

Synchronous Events

  • Conflict Transformation and Mobile Technology Real time Breeze conference "ODR sans PC said the mobile to the radio" with Sanjana Hattotuwa, Content and Strategic Engagement Consultant of Info-Share. To be held Thursday 10/27, 23.00 GMT (Time conversion? Click HERE) - URL is log in as "guest". Please indicate your interest to as soon as possible. See Program or ODR pages for more details.

  • Online Dispute Resolution at -Colin Rule, Director of Online Dispute Resolution offers an overview of eBay’s ODR tools and processes via Breeze, a real-time synchronous presentation platform - To be held 02:00 GMT 10/25 (that's 7.00 pm U.S. Pacific Coast Time on Monday 10/24) - Space is limited to 25 so if you want to participate please indicate your interest to as soon as possible.
  • Can Democratic Dialog Work in Virtual Spaces? An Exploration Using Unchat Professor Bill Warters of Wayne State University presents a real time UNCHAT (virtual collaboration and meeting platform) session. To be held Tuesday 10/25 18.00 - 19.00 GMT (Time conversion? Click HERE). To participate in the session, participants would need to register at the survey found at by 12:30 GMT on 10/25. We have a limit of 40 participants, so interested individuals will want to sign up in advance.
  • Brainstorming ODR tools in government dispute resolution - Dan Rainey, Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, National Mediation Board presents a real time demo of prototype University of Massachusetts - National Mediation Board brainstorming ODR tool - To be held at four different time slots: 10/26/05 @ 14.00 - 14.30 GMT; 10/26/05 @ 14.30 - 15.00 GMT; 10/27/05 @ 02.00 - 02.30 GMT; 10/27/05 @ 02.30 - 03.00 GMT (Time conversion? Click HERE) Instructions: (i) Goto Webex meeting 10 minutes before your selected meeting time; (ii) Go to the meeting calendar and click on the appropriate meeting (e.g. Cyberweek Demo #1, Cyberweek Demo #2, etc.); (iii) You may have to wait a minute or two while the conference manager loads on your computer; (iv) A toll-free US phone number will be provided when you enter the session so you can call and join the audio portion of the conference.  We're not sure how international calls are handled yet, but there is an international number also connected to the conference and information about it should be on the main conference page when you sign in.  If you cannot call in you can still see the power point and the Umass brainstorming application demonstration. PASSWORDS: cyberweek1 (demo 1 and 2); cyberweek2 (demo 3 and 4)


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