We invite you to participate in Cyberweek 2006 during the week of September 25th. Cyberweek is being organized this year by the University of Massachusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution (CITDR) and InternetBar.org. Cyberweek consists of many different kinds of activities and opportunities, from Skypecasts to meetings in virtual worlds to Podcasts to discussion forums and more, all related to the topic of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Cyberweek is a free all-online conference and we invite you join us in both asynchronous and real-time events. Last year, we had several hundred participants from over forty countries and we are working to have a most ambitious program this year.

  • Please register by clicking on "Registration" to the right. The links on the right will become live as we get closer to Cyberweek.
  • Cyberweek is supporting OneWebDay which will be held on September 22nd. We encourage your participation in that event.
  • Cyberweek is free but we would welcome any donations to support the work of CITDR. Please click HERE.
  • CITDR and Cyberweek are part of the University of Massachusetts College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' Science, Technology, and Society Initiative.

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Cyberweek Finale (9/29)!

  • 16.00 - 18.00 GMT/UTC eNegotiation Simulation at Smartsettle.com, with Ernest Thiessen, founder and president. To sign up: go to the Smartsettle Download Site and install the Smartsettle client and report your success using This Form with the word "CYBERWEEK" in the subject header.

  • Learn about CivicEvolution: online tools and resources to help groups achieve their goals through deliberation and collaboration. CivicEvolution intends to provide a non-partisan, free public service that groups and communities can use to address civic problems. These tools allow participants to engage in a structured process of activities with clear objectives and actionable outcomes. This process creates a promising collaborative atmosphere that encourages respect, authentic participation, understanding, and teamwork. CivicEvolution is in beta release and is looking for pilot projects and partners.  For more information and an informative 5 minute demo visit www.civicevolution.org.

  • New ODR Library Index! The editors (Melissa H. Conley Tyler       
    and Elizabeth J. Gasson
    Lizcomms@yahoo.com) are pleased to provide an updated index of articles, publications and active links to publications relating to online dispute resolution to assist those investigating or researching ODR. Please contact the editors if you would like to make a submission.
  • We Need Your Feedback - Please Try our Experimental Brainstomring Tool (STORM) and join Dan Rainey, Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, National Mediation Board, in our Discussion forum to give us your thoughts. Please access STORM (http://ncodr.cs.umass.edu), give yourself a login name, and add posts at will.

  • Wikipedia ODR Invitation: The Center believes that there is room for improvement on the current Wikipedia entry for Online Dispute Resoltion. It is sort of anithetical to the way Wikipedia operates for a group to discuss a particular topic but that may be a way of creating some energy to improve and enlarge the entry. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact The Center.

  • The World of ODR! Please join us in creating a global map of ODR - go to http://www.frappr.com/theworldofodr and add yourself.

  • Three New ODR UN Forums Scheduled: There have been four ODR UN Forums during the past four years, the last being in Cairo in March, 2006. The Center is very pleased to announce three additional forums. We urge you to attend and to contact the organizer if you wish to be involved in planning.


Cyberweek is hosted by the University of Masschusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution, the University of Massachusetts Department of Legal Studies. Please contact Alan Gaitenby with any questions.


2006 UMass Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution