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Cyberweek is a week long virtual gathering of people from all over the world who are interested in utilizing information and communication technology in the vast and varied conflict resolution and avoidance field(s). Some frequently asked questions:

  • How Do I Get Started at Cyberweek? First, please register (it's free) so that we may send you timely information.
  • How Do I Navigate at Cyberweek? The Conference is comprised of real-time and asynchronous content. All content can be accessed via the Cyberweek main page on the right column.
  • Do I have to Login Each Day? No, Cyberweek is open to all. Only our discussion forum needs your logging in so that your posts will be recognized.
  • How Will I Know What is Going On Each Day? All Cyberweek content is accessible via the program page, and the announcements page will indicate daily events. In addition, there will be daily announcements at the bottom of the Cyberweek main page. Your registration will ensure daily email announcements.
  • How Do I Participate in a Real-Time Event? All will be web based and synchronous. Some will use Skype and/or telephones to supplement the web connection. Instructions will be made available in a variety of places, i.e. program, announcements, daily conference emails.
  • How Do I Participate in a Forum Discussion? Simply go to the discussion forum and join in - you should register the first time you enter, and each subsequent visit we ask that you log in.
  • How Do I Access a Podcast or Other Static Content? Just click on it, and (hopefully) it will open for you! If not, please give us a shout at the Center.
  • Questions? Please email us at the Center.


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