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  • Tele-Conferences for online and F2F mediators (and others): 20.00 GMT/UTC Tuesday 9/26, Wednesday 9/27 and Thursday 9/28.  The phone bridge for these teleconferences will bring voice of the internet (Skype) callers into the same "room" with those calling in via telephone in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and some other EU countries. The "free" online teleconference bridge, provided by Vapps, Inc., will handle up to 500 participants. Support for the online/teleconferences will include an email and web-based discussion forums for questions and group discussion preceding, during and following the conferences.  There will also be visual materials on the web and available for download to display on your computer screen during the conference.  More information and including how to sign up for one or more of the three conferences is at:    
    (1) Tue Sept 26, 20.00 GMT/UTC   -- Mediation, Facilitation, Coaching and Teaching -- shared skills, strategies and best practices of mediators, facilitators, coaches and teachers -- new perspectives on building skills and improving strategies in one on one, one on two, small group and large group interactions.  The panel for this presentation features Zena Zumeta, Michigan, USA, and Forrest Mosten. California, USA, who are internationally recognized  in the field of mediation and mediation training and Bronwyn Stuckey, Queensland, Australia, and Tony Carr, Western Cape Province, South Africa, who are leaders in the higher education community on facilitated online learning and the development of online professional and learning communities.  More on these speakers and other panelists for this teleconference at:
    (2) Wed Sept 27, 20.00 GMT/UTC   -- Mediation Excellence -- bringing the mediation community together to take mediation to the next level -- a coordinated approach to quality assurance through education, training, mentoring, networking, evaluation, certification and standards -- the role of cooperation and marketing in building a stronger mediation community.  This panel presentation will be lead by Rachel Wohl, Director of the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Office of the Judicial Deparment of the State of Maryland, USA and Cynthia Savage, Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution, Judicial Deparment of the State of Colorado, USA.   For a graphical representation of the elements of the Mediation Excellence program see the ME tree at:
    (3) Thu Sept 28, 20.00 GMT/UTC -- Mediation Excellence in Cyberspace will focus on how to learn and work together on an ongoing basis. The two perspectives will be: (1) supporting Mediation Excellence in online dispute resolution; and (2) using the internet for education, mentoring, networking and cooperation between mediators and mediation organizations in the quest for Mediation Excellence generally. This panel presentation will be facilitated by Nancy White, Washington State USA, a internationally recognized expert for the community, non-profit and business sectors in online communication and community development, facilitation, marketing, and project management services. 
    Signup for the teleconferences and related email, web-based discussion forums at For questions please contact the organizer John Debruyn.
    Audio files: The teleconference programs will be recorded and available as audio files for listening online and downloading to play on your computer.  Following each teleconference, the audio file will be available together with the visual materials at:
  • Virtual World Seminar, "Peer Mediation in," Weds. 9/27 at 00.30 GMT/UTC (or Tuesday 9/26, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm U.S. Pacific time) with Colin Rule, head of online dispute resolution with and All Participants: (1) go to, install the client, and get a free account; (2) email Colin at to let him know that you would like to participate, and (3) provide their username in the email so Colin can invite them to the class; (4) Take a look at this article about Virtual Peer Mediation.
  • eNegotiation Simulation, Friday, 9/29 at 16.00 - 18.00 GMT/UTC with Ernest Thiessen, founder and president of To sign up: go to the Smartsettle Download Site and install the Smartsettle client and report your success using This Form with the word "CYBERWEEK" in the subject header.

    Participants outside of North America will need a computer headset and the latest version of Skype.

    You will negotiate against Ernest playing InsurCo in a real-time semi-canned negotiation of the insurance claim case described Here.

    One person will be assigned the role of claimant and others will be observers or advisors.

Asynchronous Events and Discussions:

  • Podcast1 : Colin Rule, head of ODR at and interviews Sanjana Hattotuwa, Content and Strategic Engagement Consultant of Info-Share, and a leading voice in the application of information and communication technology to civil / political conflict transformation and disaster mitigation
  • Podcast2 : Colin Rule, head of ODR at and interviews Dan Rainey, Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, National Mediation Board, and a pioneer in the application of cutting edge information and communication technology in government dispute resolution. Dan's Phylogenetic Tree of ODR supports this interview.
  • Podcast3 : Colin interviews Robin Harper, Vice President of on these evolving social spaces and the place of dispute resolution therein.
  • Podcast4 : Colin interviews Arno Lodder, head of the IT Law Section of the Computer/Law Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, director of the Center for Electronic Dispute Resolution (
  • Podcast5 (Available Soon) : Colin interviews Lauren Gelman, the Associate Director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.
  • Learn about CivicEvolution: online tools and resources to help groups achieve their goals through deliberation and collaboration. CivicEvolution intends to provide a non-partisan, free public service that groups and communities can use to address civic problems. These tools allow participants to engage in a structured process of activities with clear objectives and actionable outcomes. This process creates a promising collaborative atmosphere that encourages respect, authentic participation, understanding, and teamwork. CivicEvolution is in beta release and is looking for pilot projects and partners.  For more information and an informative 5 minute demo visit

  • New ODR Library Index! The editors (Melissa H. Conley Tyler  
    and Elizabeth J. Gasson are pleased to provide an updated index of articles, publications and active links to publications relating to online dispute resolution to assist those investigating or researching ODR. Please contact the editors if you would like to make a submission.
  • Presentation and Demonstration of German ODR Service Provider: The Faircommerce Dispute Resolution Platform ( is a fast and convenient way for traders and consumers to resolve issues resulting from an online transaction (click HERE for short powerpoint introduction). The platform is completely web-based and helps both parties work together to resolve problems either by direct negotiation or - if necessary - with the help of experienced mediators. If the parties are not able to resolve their issues in direct negotiation, each party can request a mediator at any time. While the direct negotiation is free of charge, the mediation phase is with (moderate) costs. For a guided tour of the platform, join Michael Herrmann, faircommerce creator, for a streaming introduction and demonstration.
  • Brainstorming ODR in government dispute resolution - Dan Rainey, Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, National Mediation Board will oversee an online brainstorming exercise using STORM, the prototype University of Massachusetts - National Mediation Board ODR brainstorming tool produced for a National Science Foundation project. STORM represents a very narrow slice of the mediation/facilitation process - brainstorming. We want you to help us answer the following using STORM: HOW WOULD SOFTWARE SUCH AS STORM BE USEFUL IN YOUR MEDIATION/FACILITATION/THIRD PARTY PRACTICE?, and WHAT ARE SOME PROBLEMS THAT USING SOFTWARE LIKE STORM MAY PRESENT TO THE THIRD PARTY AND/OR THE DISPUTING PARTIES? Please access STORM (, give yourself a login name and respond at will. We will open the brainstorm Wednesday 9/27 and close it early on Friday 9/28, a corresponding Cyberweek Discussion to faciliatate feedback will be available.


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