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Real-Time Events:

  • Monday, October 15, (Kick Off at 00.00 GMT/UTC) - Smartsettle One preview and eNegotiation contest: Experience eNegotiation with Cyberweek participants! Smartsettle has been simplified and optimized for single-variable negotiations. You are invited to be among the first to try out this new webapp in a competition that will go live at the beginning of Cyberweek and close at the end of Cyberweek. Case creation and pairing with unknown opponents will be automatic within the contest. Links describing the competition are posted here on the login page. You will be able to create your account and begin negotiating anytime during Cyberweek. RESULTS as of 10/23 HERE!
  • Tuesday, October 16, 17.00 GMT/UTC - InternetBar Organization Webcast: The Real Opportunity for Neutrals to Build Business in the Global Marketspace of Online Dispute Resolution - Jim Melamed, President of and Jeff Aresty, President of Internet Bar move beyond the discussion of what the future holds for the mediation and legal professions to have a practical conversation about what is already here: tools and consumer demand for alternative forms of dispute resolution. What's needed? Lawyers and mediators willing to become skilled in the use of online forums for resolving conflict. Among the topics to be discussed are how online and offline workspaces can be used together to offer a range of ADR solutions; how the marketplace for business to consumer ODR such as the e-Bay model has helped to create demand for person to person ODR; why the economies inherent to ODR make the consumer market viable for both mediators and lawyers, and much more!
  • Tuesday, October 16, 21.00 GMT/UTC - Online Mediation Role Play Workshop: Live role play demonstration utilizing audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and a collaborative web platform to deliver an interactive presentation to demonstrate online mediation and mediator training. A follow up online role play mediation will be scheduled for Wednesday and another on Thursday so that several of the participants have the opportunity for a hands on experience with using the technology demonstrated for role plays and mediations. The follow up role play on Thursday will also celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day which is October 18. . Sign up and log into the conference area for participation details prior to the event at
  • Wednesday, October 17, 19.00 GMT/UTC - Panel Presentation: 40 ADR web sites in 60 minutes with Geofff Sharp, Diane Levin, Robert Ambrogi, Colm Brannigan, Gini Nelson and John DeBruyn utilizing audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and a browser tour of the 40 sites. This event is based on the 40 ADR web site program that Geoff presented to the AU/NZ LEADR Conference last month in New Zealand  Sign up and log into the conference area for participation details prior to the event at
  • Thursday, October 18, 14.00 GMT/UTC - InternetBar Organization Webcast: The Resolutionary Approach: Conflict Resolution for the "New Values" Worldspace Featuring Stewart Levine, Esq., bestselling author of "The Book of Agreement" ( Join business bestseller, lawyer, consultant and trainer Stewart Levine for an exciting exploration of the roots of conflict and how to approach the inevitable conflicts in life from an empowered perspective. Whether you are a lawyer or mediator this approach to conflict will open a new world of understanding that you can apply to clients and cases. The Resolutionary Approach works wonderfully beyond the business world as well, as people in all walks of life are using it to resolve personal, marital, familial and other conflicts.
  • Thursday, October 18, 20.00 GMT/UTC - Mediation Excellence in Cyberspace HighSpeed audio conference/web visual interaction with Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh, Graham Ross, Colm Brannigan, Robert Ambrogi, Diane Levin, Gini Nelson and John DeBruyn. Objectives: (1) supporting Mediation Excellence in online dispute resolution; and (2) using the internet for education, mentoring, networking and cooperation between mediators and mediation organizations in the quest for Mediation Excellence generally. This program will also celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day which is October 18. Sign up and log into the conference area for participation details prior to the event at
  • Friday, October 19, 20.00 GMT/UTC - Taking Peacemaking Public HighSpeed audio conference/web visual interaction featuring conflict specialists Gini Nelson, Vickie Pynchon, Colm Brannigan and Diane Levin will interact with two journalists who regularly reach the public directly and effectively: Michael Skoler, Executive Director, Center for Innovation in Journalism, Minnesota Public Radio at American Public Media. MPR's Public Insight Journalism (PIJ) model Executive Director, Center for Innovation in Journalism, Minnesota Public Radio at American Public Media; and Sandra Blakeslee , a regular contributor to The New York Times who specializes in the brain sciences. Sandra will talk particularly about the need to tell stories to reach people, especially when explaining complex and subtle subject matter in science. Her newest book (cowritten with her son, also a science writer), just released within the past few weeks, is The Body Has a Mind of Its Own: How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better.

    This Friday audio conference will begin with the proposition that all negotiation is built on trust and trust is built on expecting and concluding that you are being listened to. The mediation community knows that--the public doesn't. So, why aren't people beating down the doors of peacemakers, whether mediators, facilitators or negotiators? Are we speaking in ways that help lead them to conclude that they are not being listened to? How should we speak to them? How can the internet engage people online in ways that facilitate and promote peacemaking?  Sign up and log into the conference area for participation details prior to the event at

Asynchronous Events and Demonstrations:

  • InternetBar Organization e-Course - Building Your Practice with ADR/ODR: Ethics & Best Practices - This FREE one-hour course is provided all week courtesy of the Internet Bar Institute and Transformative Law. The course also includes a 30 minute podcast on ethics issues related to building an ODR practice, featuring Lucian Pera, Chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Technology & Information Services.
    This course provides detailed information about the factors leading people, businesses, courts and government agencies to choose alternative dispute resolution in a growing number of situations. The course also presents an analysis of the tools and companies that are enabling ODR. Examples of lawyers making the transition to the incorporation of ODR and ADR into their practices is also provided. The course also discusses how to establish and grow a practice in this field, by presenting specific examples about how to discuss ADR/ODR with clients and where to use ADR/ODR to extend your overall services.
  • InternetBar Organization Podcast - Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers: Why High EQ Lawyers are More Successful in Practice and in Life - In this audio podcast lawyer, professor, consultant and psychologist Paula Raines and Edward Rholl, Executive Director of Internet Bar discuss emotional intelligence and specifically why EQ is a vitally important tool for lawyers. While this discussion covers a broad range of topics related to EQ, perhaps most importantly Ms. Raines discusses high-level research proving that lawyers with high EQ scores consistently make more money and get more clients than lawyers with lower EQ scores. (podcast--available in MP3 or Windows Media all week) With attorney, psychologist and Fortune 500 consultant Paula Raines, Esq. & Edward Rholl, Esq., Executive Director of Internet Bar
  • InternetBar Organization Podcast - IP Ownership in the Digital Marketspace: The Creative Commons License & The Digital Divide - In this fast-paced conversation distinguished professor of law at Stanford University and founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, discusses the Creative Commons license, its genesis, purpose and application for individual artists. Professor Lessig provides many specific examples of how the licenses work, how rights can be both granted and retained, why Creative Commons licenses are not contracts and how they can be enforced. Within this discussion Professor Lessig addresses specific questions about how individual artists can and are using Creative Commons licenses to get their works into the vast digital market space, while protecting their rights to profit commercially from their work.
  • InternetBar Organization Podcast - Reducing Risk in Online Practice: Best Practices for Technology-Centric Lawyers -
    Judd Kessler, President of Abacus Data Systems and Gunter Enz, President of will discuss a range of issues relating to how to leverage the power of technology to expand a practice, while ensuring that its use is concomitant to best practices that reduce risk. We'll explore how to utilize online attorney-client matching services and how to determine what information to provide in profiles related to such services. We'll also discuss how to maximize value and find the best services to bring quality leads to your practice. In addition, we'll discuss how law office automation software can help you reduce errors and client upsets that relate directly to a reduction in complaints and even malpractice claims.
  • InternetBar Organization Podcast - Bridging the Digital Divide one Child at a Time: What Does it Mean for Lawyers, Arbitrators & Mediators Today & Tomorrow?
    In this engaging conversation we discuss the future of the digitally connected world with Nicholas Negroponte, Founder of One Laptop Per Child. Studies indicate that as many as a billion people from developing countries will be connected to the Internet in the next several years. This will profoundly alter the "space" within which social and commercial interaction takes place online. However, to make this "new market of a billion people" a reality there is much work to do, most of which has little to do with satellites and micro chips. In this discussion we'll explore the technological side of initiatives such as OLPC but we'll focus on the social and cultural challenges and opportunities inherent to connecting people to a global social and commercial network that has no cultural precedent in their shared or individual experience. We'll also explore why lawyers and the rule of law is vital to this process and what opportunities-commercial and pro bono-are available to lawyers and law firms as the developing world moves online.
  • Podcast conversation between Colin Rule (Director of ODR at eBay/PayPal) and Graham Ross, Founder and Director of

Plenary Discussions:

  • NCTDR Plenary Discussions - Prior to Cyberweek a group of NCTDR Friends and Fellows gathered virtually to brainstorm the "Cardinal Issues of ODR". This distinguished group identified five essential issues for Cyberweek discussion. Cyberweek plenary discussions will be the basis for white paper(s) to be produced for upcoming UN/ODR Forums in Victoria, B.C., and Hong Kong. (1) What is the Relationship Between ODR and ADR? Keynote plenary Monday 10/15 with Dan Rainey, Director ADR Services, National Mediation Board and NCTDR Friends and Fellows; (2) How Does ODR Impact Concerns for Identity and Information Security? Tuesday 10/16; (3) Does ODR Offer Hope for Greater Access to Justice? Wednesday 10/17; (4) How Does (or will) ODR Deal With Issues of Culture and Diversity? Thursday 10/18; (5) How Can We Begin to Think About ODR Pedagogy? Friday 10/19
  • IBO Discussions - Join distinguished IBO members and guests for wide ranging discussions throughout Cyberweek! All discussions are open for business!


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